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In this download area you will find free sewing patterns, sewing instructions and practical sewing aids such as a conversion table for yards and meters. There is also a translation aid for the most important English <=> German sewing terms and practical tips for cleaning and oiling a sewing machine properly. Because overlockers also need care like a sewing machine, you can find instructions for cleaning and oiling the overlockerin the blog.

You can find out everything you need to know about sewing elastic fabrics and how to use the twin needle on a household sewing machine in the article: How to sew jersey and stretch fabrics correctly with a domestic sewing machine.

All sewing instructions and tutorials on the subject of learning to sew can be found in the category: learning to sew.

Download free sewing pattern

  • You can download the free sewing patterns (Community Edition without sewing instructions) on this page.
  • If you would like sewing instructions to print or read offline (PDF), you can purchase the multi-size patterns with instructions for printing in my shop.
  • You can read how to print a sewing pattern correctly in the instructions: How to print PDF sewing patterns correctly.

Free sewing patterns for woman and man

You can find the size table and further information about the Nähtalente patterns in the FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the sewing patterns.

Betty Top - free T-Shirt sewing pattern for woven and knit fabric.

Betty Top

Airy t-shirt with kimono sleeves for woven and jersey fabrics.

In my blog you will find the sewing instructions for the free sewing pattern Betty Top.

European Size 34 – 54

Sweatshirt sewing pattern for woman

Sweatshirt Alfa

The women’s sweatshirt is a comfortable cut for sweatshirt and jersey fabrics.

Beginner-friendly, the pattern already includes the seam allowance of 1 cm. To sew the sweatshirt, you can read the women’s sweatshirt sewing instructions.

European Size 34 – 54

Tank top free sewing pattern for woman.

Tank Top

The tank topis a body-hugging cut that follows every movement.

The sewing instructionsare available for you to sew the tank top from elastic fabrics.

European Size 34 – 54

Batwing Shirt sewing pattern for woman

Batwing shirt for woman

Cozyshirt with long sleeves.

The pattern is large due to the casual cut.

You are welcome to read the sewing instructions to sew the shirt. It explains step-by-step how to sew up the pretty shirt.

European Size 34 – 54

Free sewing pattern for a pencil skirt for women

Pencil Skirt for knit fabrics.

Suitable for all occasions

You can use the sewing instructions to sew the jersey pencil skirt.

European Size 34 – 54

Sew a tight jersey skirt

Pattern construction – Sew tight jersey skirt

Easy to make and quick to sew.

Read instructions about sewing pattern construction and sewing.

You can download the PDF-template to print out the instructions for creating the pattern:Template construction tight jersey skirt

Free sewing T-Shirt for woman

Basic T-Shirt for woman

The simple shirt for every day

You can find out everything you need to know about sewing the shirt in the sewing instructions.

You can download the pattern in your size: European Size 34 – 46

Free sewing pattern women's Boat Neck T-Shirt

Jibby T-Shirt with a Boat Neck

Dressy shirt with a pretty neckline.

In the step-by-step sewing instructions you will learn everything about sewing the shirt.

The pattern contains the european sizes 34 – 48.

European Size 34 – 48

Free sewing pattern for a Color Block T-Shirt for woman

Color-blocking version of the the boat neck T-Shirt

Read the sewing instructions for the modification of the pattern.

The pattern contains the european sizes 34 – 48.

European Size 34 – 48

Pattern construction A-line skirt

Pattern construction – Sew an A-line skirt

with elastic.

Read the guideance for pattern construction and step-by-step sewing instructins.

Print out the PDF-template for creating the sewing pattern.

Pattern construction A-line skirt

Common sewing pattern and help files for sewing.

Sew Easter placemats

Placemat Easter Bunny

Fresh decoration for the Easter table

We can sew prettyplacemats for the Easter table from fabric and leftover felt or boiled wool.

ou can find the free template for the magical Easter decorations in my shop.

sewing instructions for egg warmers

Sew egg warmers

Keeps the eggs warm and is decorative

Sweet egg warmer made of felt or boiled wool decorate our Easter table and create a nice atmosphere.

ou can find the free template for the magical Easter decorations in my shop.

Easter bunny sewing instructions

Easter bunny – Easter bouquet

The classic with Easter bunnies and Easter eggs

Easter bunnies belong to Easter like Easter eggs and the first spring fever. A pretty Easter bouquet should therefore not be missing on the Easter table.

ou can find the free template for the magical Easter decorations in my shop.

Triangle Quilt sewing

Triangle Quilt Sewing Pattern

Pretty blanket for your home

You can find out everything you need to know about sewing the quilt in the sewing instructions: Sewing the triangle quilt

Klick to download the pattern:

Template triangle quilt

sew Santa Claus boots

Santa Claus boots

Pretty decoration for Christmas

You can find out everything you need to know about sewing the boots in the sewing instructions: Sew Santa Claus boots.

Click to download the pattern Santa’s boots:

sewing pattern santa claus boots

pennant chain sewing pattern

pennant chain sewing pattern

For the children’s room.

Read the sewing instructions: Sew a simple pennant chain

Download pattern(PDF):

Sewing pattern pennant chain

Sew on appliqué

Appliqué letters: templates & instructions

Appliqué made easy with the sewing machine.

Read the sewing instructions: Instructions: Apply lettering with the sewing machine

In the template you will find 8 different lettering for applications.

Download application template (PDF):

The Great Sewing - Inch - cm - Yard - Meter Conversion Chart

The big conversion table for sewing

Inch – cm – Yard – Meter

For the sewing room you can download the table as a PDF for printing:

Download: The big table: inches – cm – yards – meters from Naehtalente

or view the conversion table online.

Measure for pants sewing

Measuring instructions for sewing pants

The indispensable helper

he data sheet to print out and record your measurements:

Download template

Sew a breathing mask with a free pattern

Sew a breathing mask

You can find out everything you need to know about sewing the mask in the sewing instructions.

Sewing Pattern breathing mask (PDF)

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