Easter bunny egg warmers – sewing instructions and sewing pattern


Sweet egg warmer made of felt or boiled wool decorate our Easter table and create a nice atmosphere. In the twinkling of an eye they are easily sewn yourself.

Sewing Easter bunnies is effortless and a great little project for sewing beginners. After the pattern is printed, cut out of felt each of the front and back.

You can sew them by hand or sewing machine. The eye-catcher is a bow made of satin or woven ribbon, which you sew on the front of the bunny.

Download template / pattern

Template for sewing egg warmer

Template Easter Bunny & Easter Egg

You can find the free template for the pretty awesome Easter decorations in my shop.

The template contains various print templates for Easter decorations to sew yourself.

Print the pattern without scaling at size 100% or with the “actual size” setting, depending on which option your printer driver offers.

Cut out the bunny template after printing.

free sewing instructions for bunny egg warmer

Material for sewing egg warmer

Material for sewing the bunny egg warmer :

You can sew the egg warmers from either craft felt or boiled wool. Craft felt has the advantage of being much more dimensionally stable than woolen felt. To compensate for this disadvantage, the rabbit’s head and ears are padded with some filling material.

I used boiled for my eggwarmers because I had a remnant of a sewn jacket in my closet.

  • Gray craft felt or boiled wool
  • optional: bow made of woven ribbon or satin
  • optional: filling material
  • sewing machine
  • sewing yarn
  • pins
  • fabric scissor
Cut out template and the bunny from felt

Cutting the bunny

Using the cut out template, cut a front and back for the bunny.

Cut egg cosy from felt or boiled wool

The best way to cut is with sharp scissors. If you don’t want to cut directly around the paper, draw the design on the fabric beforehand.

Place the front and back on top and fasten with pins.

Place the front and back on top of each other and fasten with pins.


Zigzag stitch settings

Set a zigzag stitchwith stitch width 5.5 and stitch length 2.5 on the sewing machine. Especially with boiled wool, you should not choose the stitch length too small, because otherwise the fabric will not be transported properly during sewing and will stretch out.

Sew contour of the bunny all around with zigzag stitch

Sew the bunnies all around with zigzag stitch.

Fill with filling material.

Fill the head of the bunny with filling material.

Carefully stuff the ears and head with a little filling material.

egg warmers filled with filling material

If you stuff it with too much, the bunny will quickly get unsightly bumps.

Sew on satin bow

In the last step you can decorate the bunnies with a bow. Sew a bow of satin or woven ribbon on the neck of the bunny with a few hand stitches.

Egg cosy bunny self sewn from felt

In one hour you can make about 2 – 4 eggwarmers, depending on how fast you work. It is also a nice project for sewing beginners to gain more experience.

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