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Do you want to learn to sew? Then you are right here! With the step-by-step sewing instructions in my blog, you can learn to sew independently from time and money.

You will find detailed sewing instructions with my free sewing patterns, which show every step how to sew with many, many pictures. This is easy to understand and easy to follow.

Sew jersey and knit fabric with the sewing machine.

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Material for sewing women's panties

sewing underwear and lingerie

In the following weeks you will learn everything about how to sew pretty underwear and lingerie with my techniques. We sew different sewing patterns together and in the sewing instructions you will learn step by step how to work with the special fabrics and materials.

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Learn to sew

Learn something new and discover the pretty sewing patterns and sewing instructions for women’s fashion from Naehtalente. With the online sewing school you can learn to sew independently from time and money.

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sew underwear and lingerie with free sewing instructions and pattern
Sewing a baby nest sewing instructions
Naehtalente learn to sew instructions in the blog
Naehtalente sewing pattern
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Hi, I’m Bettina and everything on this site is about my favorite topic sewing.

Learn completely independently how to sew a magical wardrobe easily yourself. The sewing instructions in my blog show you many techniques for hobby tailors. Here you will find many topics on sewing with the sewing machine or overlock, pattern adaptations, fit improvements and much more!

Where you start is up to you! In the categories for learning to sew you will find the step-by-step sewing instructions with many photos .

This Shirt was made from the Kimono Tee Sewing Patterm from Maria Denmark